Sephiroth lives!

I was busy looking around for Cosplay outfits today. I know our party is some 8 months away but hey, I already have the wig and have found the outfit so it was just the sword to find (maybe not as a bit pricey for a 6' Masamune replica).  Anyway, here's what I would like to look like:

Doesn't she look awesome!  I think I need the boots too now. Oh heavens, this is going to cost a bloody fortune bit.  Trouble is, as much as I want all this, we get invited to a fancy dress party...err...well, only once before so when would I wear it?  I guess I could put it on on the school run but I'm not sure how the other mums would feel (I suppose I could leave the sword at home).

As I was looking at images of people dressed as my pixel heartthrob (yeah, I know), I came across this guy:

Good grief! Sephiroth IS REAL!  I don't honestly think this chap could look any more like him if he tried.  I bet he was swamped at the cosplay event!


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