Breastfeeding Selfie

OK, I know by their very nature, a selfie is all about you.  I've done a few myself - mostly because giving my phone to my 4 or 6 year old to take a photo of me when we're out without hubby normally means I'm at a 45 degree angle or it's just my knees or headless body in the picture.  However, the latest 'craze' seems to be the breastfeeding selfie or (heavens above it has a name already) the #brelfie.  Good grief.

Hang on, I need a selfie...
Now I don't mind people taking pictures of themselves, and nor am I anti-breastfeeding (I fed my two youngest this way quite happily) but do you really need a photo of every part of your lives now?  I have one of each of my girls when I was breastfeeding - in hospital just after they were born.  They are nowhere but in our family album. Private.  Come on.  Really?  What next, the "I'm taking a sh*t" selfie?  Well, why not - it's up to the individual right?

I find this sudden desire to have to photograph yourself feeding your baby just plain odd. I suppose it's the same people who photograph their lunch and dinner for the world to yawn at on Twitter so it's nothing new for them but like with the aforementioned photos, who really cares?

Don't panic, I'm just as fed up seeing pictures retweeted of young (or old) women almost totally exposed bar a piece of string for a top and another for knickers, sticking it all out in your face.  I hasten to add I don't actually follow anyone who did that (or I'd soon unfollow them if they did take such a photo).  I agree that social media sites like Facebook are hypocritical for taking down or banning a user who posts a breastfeeding selfie but leaving up some under-age teen in her underwear.

Despite having been a breastfeeding mum, I like to think I always did it with discretion and made both myself and people around me feel perfectly comfortable.  I'm not one for displaying my assets to the general public anyway (I don't go topless on the beach) but I'm not a prude.  Despite living in a world where everyone seems out for themselves at times, I do like to show a little respect and compassion for those around me. When I used to sit in a cafe or restaurant breastfeeding, I was happy to tuck my girls under my lovely (specially designed) top and relax knowing I was at ease and no-one around me would feel uncomfortable.  Perhaps that's just me but flopping it all out on a park bench in the middle of a bustling town centre wasn't my style.  In fact, I find that tasteless.  Make of that what you will - and I'm sure some of you will and will tell me what an awful person I am for saying such a hideous thing.  I just like to think that some things are very personal and gentle and don't need your phone involved.

I'm sure the argument about this will go on for, well, a few days anyway until it becomes yesterdays dull story and another selfie craze takes over - 'here's me at the doctors having my scrape' perhaps?


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