Game of Thrones - a bit of Cosplay?

I managed to secure tickets to the Game of Thrones Exhibition (#GOTExhibit) for Monday week and the teen and I are very excited about it. She's got a Danaerys wig and just ordered a blue dress - kind of grecian style as the proper cosplay ones were too expensive for her (and me!).

Anyway, I now need to dress up too so I've ordered this.

I thought I may twirl my hair and go as a kind of 'Red Woman' for the day (probably with leggings underneath if today's weather is anything to go by!).  I asked on my Facebook page if any friends had Medieval outfits I could borrow.  Yes, two did.  See, I knew my friends were cool *grin*

So, will our outfits arrive in time or will I be borrowing something.  Will anyone else be dressed up?  I think we're going to give the rush hour commuters something to look at instead of their Times newspaper!  


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