Game of Thrones Exhibition followed by a bit of Sherlock Holmes

Today my teen, J, and I went to the O2 to the Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones Exhibition. We got up at 6am to get ready but hardly felt tired as we were both a tad excited.  We both dressed up a bit for it (what the heck right?).  As we expected, hardly an eyebrow was raised as a robed woman and Danaerys Targaryen got on the train at Woking.

We arrived early as every bus/train/tube was waiting for us as we got to the destinations and so we stopped and had a coffee in Costa. Probably not too often Danaerys Targaryen is having a hot chocolate checking her phone.  Having said that, we saw a lovely tweet by Andrew Horner (who is playing Jon Snow at the front of the exhibition) who got that name on his Starbucks so who knows.


First we went to the movie area where we got some photos taken with dragons and walkers and sat on the Iron Throne.

We then headed into the merchandise area and picked up a Khal Drogo (well, we had to right?) and got in the queue.  We weren't excited at all.  Ok, just a little bit.

The exhibition was fantastic.  It was really well organised and so nice to see the costumes and props from the set.

Sansa Stark

Arya Stark

Danaerys Targaryen

Unsullied helmet

Margaery Tyrell and Oberyn Martell

Gregor Clegane

Margaery's crown

Pin of The Hand of the King

Joffrey's crown

Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister

Margaery and Joffrey

Tyrion's crossbow


Not scared of the White Walkers

Brilliant close up

Stannis and The Red Woman (Melisandre)

Tormund Giantsbane

Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly

Going up The Wall in the lift

4D was absolutely amazing! 

I was burnt by a dragon (clearly J couldn't do this as Dany) and got a great video of it when I got home.  Going up The Wall using the Oculus Rift was absolutely incredible!  Just being able to look out as you went up and seeing all around you was incredible. Then you turned around and walked to the edge - this was the point that I reached out and grabbed on despite knowing it wasn't real. It was bloody high up said my mind and I believed it!

Once we had done that we headed out and couldn't resist one more seat on the Iron Throne.

Finally, we got one last photo of J with Jon Snow before we left and got changed for our journey home.

Or maybe we didn't.  Maybe I got turned into a White Walker....

We had a super time. It took about an hour to do the whole exhibition including the lift but it was absolutely worth it.  It's not often you get something for nothing so I'm so glad I persevered with the web and got my free tickets for us.

We got back onto the tube and J noticed that it went to Baker Street. She is a crazy Sherlock fan so I said would she like to go and see 221b?  Of course the answer was yes so we headed off there too.  Easy to find as you come out of the tube station but it is now a museum and next door is a gift shop.  We went in and got a couple of tickets and queued up to go inside.

About 25 minutes later, we were in having had a couple of photos taken first.  It is incredibly narrow and is on three floors, with the privvy right at the top (boy would I be fit if I lived there)!

J said it was the best day out ever.  Two of the things she loves.  Can't be bad eh?  We even got a McDonalds at the station.  Guess what? Our train was waiting with 2 minutes to go when we boarded it and sat down to eat our lunch.  And when we got back to Woking...the bus was pulling in.  How cool is all that.  Perfect timing for a perfect day out (and we missed the rain!).


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