God bless America - now send me your money!

You've all no doubt heard of the Nigerian money scam.  You know the one. You get an email saying that someone high up in Government/business/etc needs you help to get a vast amount of money out of the country and in return for sending a few hundred dollars, the money will be deposited into your bank account for safe keeping until they can come and retrieve it. Yeah, right. You'd never fall for that would you.  Damn right you wouldn't.

So, the scammers have come up with something new.  This is the patriotic American hero scam.  Yep, you heard me. Have a look at the email I just received, through LinkedIn no less:

Bless you John Becker but my response to this involves the words 'fuck' and 'off'.  Arrange as you see fit.

It seems tugging on our patriotic heart-strings is what the scammers are now trying. Who could refuse a serving member of the peace keeping force in Iraq?  Well, for one Mr Scammer, I'm not American so your patriotic nonsense means nothing to me (although I hasten to say that I certainly value the troops from all countries who risk their lives for our freedoms) and for two, I have an IQ above 10 which means there's no way I'd ever fall for this rubbish.

I particularly enjoyed this bit:

Please don't reply me in the site here because of security reason,
Write me direct to my personal email: tonny.john2015@gmail.com

I wonder if there really is a John Becker? What's he got in those trunks - WMD?  I sincerely hope that his peace keeping/shooting skills are better than his grammar!


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