More Butterflies

Today all of us girls headed over to Wisley to see the butterflies.  Hubby was working but we'd booked a timed entry. Glad we did as it was certainly getting busy over there when we arrived at 10am.  We had a lovely walk around again.  Surprised that my girls were afraid when the butterflies flew close to them.  I think they thought they may bite!

Can you see me?

The girls are wearing their butterfly hairbows

After being in the glasshouse for 40 minutes, we headed outside to cool off and have a walk around before heading home.  Of course we came across one of the so friendly Robins at Wisley.  He didn't mind posing with the girls for a photo.

Say 'worms'
 No sign of the Mandarin Duck today, much to the girls' disappointment (and mine a bit).


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