What will they remember? Videoing us.

I have recently avoided being in photographs too much. Actually, I'll rephrase that - I vet the photographs and don't put them in the family photobook unless I look reasonably ok in them.  I don't want to look like a banshee with wild hair and bags under my eyes (my normal morning look).  I guess this is a bit of personal vanity for whomever may see the photobook.  Having said all that it just occurred to me that who would be bloody well interested in the photobook bar myself and my family - who you will also remember see me like said banshee.

Whenever you experience a loss, I think you weigh up your life a bit.  It occurred to me today - the day that Leonard Nimoy died - that when you are a celebrity or film star, there is a lot to remember you by: interviews, movies, appearances, etc.  But what do we have as 'ordinary' people?  This is when the light bulb went on.  I video the children all the time - first crawl across the carpet, first steps, first bike ride without stablilisers....so what is wrong with videoing all of us.  I know, crazy right?  I mean, I'm a few *cough* pounds heavier than I would like to be and sometimes I dress in no more than horrible grey jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, BUT that is how my family see me.  I'm just mum - not mum in the grey jogging bottoms or mum in the pretty dress, just mum.  Same for hubby, he's plain old dad.  So, if we're having fun, dancing on the Wii or sitting doing Lego, why not video it?  Could there be anything nicer than having a video memory?  A walking, talking (or sitting, building in the case of Lego) memory in fact.

What caused this nostalgia? Mostly the fact that my girls asked about my mum and dad.  I showed them some photos but oh how I wished I had some video or a recording to hear their voices again too.  How lovely would that have been?  I'm sure somewhere, in a loft, hidden away, is a recording that someone in the family or a friend has of one of our holiday moments as I remember mum putting a tape recorder in the middle of a table at the keller bar in Austria and just recording 60 minutes of us all chatting with music playing, etc.  How amazing would it be to find that!

So, extra few pounds and no make-up aside, I'm going to video a lot more of this family and have some super, fun memories to keep - for us all.


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