Wisley Walk and Butterflies

Had a lovely walk around for just over an hour today with N at Wisley.  We've all been laid up with coughs and colds so not been able to go to our favourite place much but today, sun shining, all wrapped up and away we went.

We had a lovely walk around at first.  Of course N had to throw some coins into the fountain.  She took the lead and we walked around the gardens for a while.  Amazing to see the snowdrops and crocuses starting to bloom already.

Stopping at the pond, we watched the ducks for a while and then I spotted a male Mandarin Duck swimming amongst them. I've only ever seen one before and that was at Slimbridge many, many years ago when I was at school so it was a fantastic sight to see him with all his plumage.  I couldn't zoom in too well with my phone camera as it was cold and it clearly didn't like being out of my pocket.

Mandarin Duck right in the middle of the picture

We then walked around to the Glasshouse and wandered in. It was relatively quiet, no queues, so we went in to see the butterflies too. We'll be back on Sunday 'officially' *smile*

After our walk, we headed back to the shop via the rock garden (which they are preparing for planting) and bought some of the best chocolate chip shortbread EVER and also a lovely netted butterfly for the girls to put in their bedroom.


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