Wisley Walk...and a bit of a bump

The girls wanted to go out somewhere today so, of course, our favourite garden was the place to head.  Nice and quiet when we arrived at 9.30 and for about an hour we seemed to be the only people walking around!  As usual, the girls set the pace.  Nice and cosy in their waterproof outfits as it was drizzling a bit this morning.  Today's mission - collect petals for pictures at home later.

So nice to see all the little flowers coming up everywhere and the beginnings of the bulbs growing. Another few weeks and the place will be covered in daffodils and tulips.

We noticed a sign over this side of the garden saying people had been stealing flowers. Whatever next!  Can you imagine turning up here and digging out a couple of plants and heading out with them under your coat? Really, the things some people will do.  The girls were very worried when I read this sign to them as they had pockets full of petals. I'm sure Wisley won't arrest them for making off with some petals that were on the ground *grin*

I'm practising my 'prune' face here like all the celebs do when they get their photo taken. It's just not working is is...

The girls love looking in the little individual gardens.  They were disappointed there weren't many flowers about but I did point out that it's not quite Spring yet.

A mini-snack break under some shelter after this and then we headed to the Alpine houses.  The girls now want to make a rock garden in our garden too. I think that may be a project for the summer.  They loved how the plants were each in their own little buried flowerpot.

It all went wrong at this point.  We were about to go down the 'steps' by the waterfalls and N was very excited about the rock garden. She turned around to tell me about some little flowers she had seen and went to walk forward, not having seen a little 12" wall sticking out.  Poor little soul went over it straight down onto her hands and face, scraping her shins too.  I rushed over and she started to scream and cry.  Blood was coming out of her mouth. Oh no!  I tried to calm her down a bit and then took her to the bench to assess the damage.  Seems her tooth had gone into her top lip and her gum had split just a tiny bit. Also a bruise on her nose.  Bless.  Mopped her up and decided to seek some first aid before we went home. She was so upset S started to cry too. She hates to see her little sister hurt.  As we were about to leave, this Robin came down and perched right next to us and began to sing. It was amazing. He was about an arms length from me singing his heart out. I said to N that he was singing to cheer her up and it did - for a moment anyway.  I then walked this little crying person down to the membership area where they called a first aider for us.  The lovely lady was very gentle with her and sorted her out - wiping the last of the blood away and giving her a cold pack for her swollen lip.  Thank you for your kindness.

We headed home and the girls settled straight in to making their petal pictures.  Despite the bump, a lovely walk.


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