King games are killing my phone battery

I used to thoroughly enjoy playing the odd bit of Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga on my phone for 15 or so minutes whilst waiting for me girls to finish school but in the last couple of weeks, this has been impossible.  Why? Well, for some reason, suddenly 5 minutes in my phone battery has gone from 80% to dead.  Dead!  How the hell can that happen?  I have no idea what has changed. I can leave my phone all day without any services turned on and the battery is fine (yes, I know, I've had problems with having WiFi and Mobile Data on which kills my Galaxy S3 battery in about 2 hours flat) and then I used to happily play some games at pick-up time.  Now. Not a hope.  The screen flickers, the phone dies.  Today it went from 61% battery to zero in less than 5 minutes!

Desperately searching for battery life!
King - what are you going to do about this?  It's not just my phone either.  My husband has a Galaxy S2 and exactly the same happens to him and a friend on an iPhone 5 has the same issue. Conclusion - King has changed something about these games.

Whatever it is, please put it back to how it was before so we can enjoy playing again or else we may as well remove them from our phones and PC and give up.


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