Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful mother's day yesterday. The girls woke me up with a cup of tea in bed and my cards and little gifts.  The gifts were the usual chocolate from N and a wooden necklace from S which she had cut out and made herself.  Having been spoiled with multiple cards, I ventured downstairs to have my breakfast and then we headed out for a swim to our local pool.

It was an extra treat to be told there was no charge for my swim today due to it being us mums' special day.  How nice!  In we went and had lots of fun with the girls swimming around (both without armbands now) and going on the lazy river and flumes.  I got to go on the fast flume too whilst hubby stayed at the bottom with the girls and then I returned the favour.  I also went on the dark flume on a rubber ring which was a right laugh.  There was an official photographer at the pool and he asked to do some photos of us with no obligation to buy. Of course we said yes!  How often do you get a family shot of you all in a swimming pool?  Here's are lovely one of the girls.

After our swim we came home and had a light lunch and curled up to watch Mamma Mia! while hubby pottered around doing some other bits and pieces before he cooked dinner for us all.  I also got a text from J when I got home as she's not around this weekend.

I looked at myself in the mirror as my hair had dried naturally today and what a lot of curls it has!

Sorry, it was a no make-up day too!
What a super day and what a lucky mummy I am!


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