Royal Holloway Science Festival

We arrived early (9.30am) as J had her tutorial in Bedford Library first.  On our way there, we spotted the birds of prey.  Fantastic!  The girls loved the owls but the kookaburra scared the life out of them when he called which did make me laugh.

Whilst J was being tutored in maths, the girls and I headed off to take part in a psychology experiment in Windsor Building. They were very excited about getting stickers for it.  We then picked up a Science Passport (you have to find letters in each area) and headed off to the Bourne Laboratories to make perfume. In the reception there they girls made their own medicines.

We then headed down to the labs for them to make their own perfumes which they really enjoyed.

J then came and joined us and we headed back up to the labs for them to make cress heads, spinners, and become DNA detectives, followed by making DNA bracelets (J was the only one who followed the 'rules' as the girls just wanted to put the pretty beads on).

The girls then had their hands examined for bacteria under a special light which they thought was great.  They had to wash them afterwards to make sure all the bacteria had gone (I'm pleased to say there weren't many to start with).

Herbology and magic cauldrons
We then headed to Bedford Library for them to make their own books which they enjoyed doing and are now colouring in at home.  After that, we went to get something to eat back by the birds of prey.  The girls didn't fancy anything there so S asked for an "Old McDonalds" as we were heading off to see their grandparents after we were here so I agreed.  Just time for a few more photos of the birds of prey before we left (and for them to stroke 3 more).

The day was glorious with sunshine, around 16C and lots of people were picnicing around the place. Really nice to see so many families walking around and enjoying the festival.  We missed lots as our feet were aching so I'm sure next year we'll be here even longer.

Thank you Royal Holloway for hosting such a super event and for the time and effort by all the staff and students in making our day so much fun.


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