The Tooth Fairy is coming

S lost her first tooth today.  It's been wobbly for near on 4 weeks.  She wouldn't wobble it.  Unbelievable I know!  I remember when I was a child I almost pulled my teeth out so not even wanting to wobble one seems bizarre to me - and she's my daughter.

Anyway, it was at such an odd angle this morning and making her feel a bit sick that I told her to give it a good wobble, which, amazingly, she did.  She got dressed and brushed her teeth. That's when we heard the shout.  Her tooth had gone down the plughole of the bathroom sink!  I said not to worry as the tooth fairy knows she's lost her first tooth but hubby was not going to be deterred by this and got on with some instant plumbing.  She wanted to keep her first tooth you see and has written a lovely letter to the Tooth Fairy to ask if she can and she did her a little picture too.

She is the 2nd to last child in her class to lose a tooth and the same in her year.  The only one left is her little friend who is almost a year younger.  I said well done to her. Must mean she's a super tooth cleaner *grin*

I understand the going rate is £1 per tooth, but £2 for a first one. I only have £1 in change I've just realised so she may end up getting £5 for her first tooth...


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