Tunisian Holiday

We are all due to go on our first holiday abroad in 3 years in the next month...to Tunisia.  Yeah, I know.

I feel for the country with what has happened in Tunis on Wednesday (see here).  There is a natural panic. I had that sense of dread about the holiday and for a while I said to hubby that we should just not go and sod the money we've spent, but then I began to think about it more logically.

Tunisia is heavily reliant on tourism for the economy.  Cruise ships have already decided not to dock there at present and some countries have removed their citizens. The Foreign Office in the UK says it is safe to travel to coastal resorts but to be aware of what is going on and only use recognised tour companies internally.  Many holiday firms have therefore suspended their tours to Tunis and surrounding areas.  Sensible.  We, ourselves, have decided not to risk going on excursions that we had considered as heading off to tourist 'hot spots' may not be the wisest idea.

However, we don't want to end up confined to our hotel either.  It seems an awful shame to visit such a different country and not see any of it so we will probably look around the Medinas and visit some local markets although we may not venture as far out as we would normally have done.  Security will be heightened.  Probably the safest time to go.  A bit like flights becoming far safer after 9/11 - no more cock-pit chats with the flight crew while sitting in the jump seat - yes, I did that quite a few times as a passenger before that fateful day.

My worry, beyond anything, was for our children.  As adults, we can put ourselves at risk but should we do this to our children?  How big a risk is it?  Is it any worse than going into central London for a day out?  Nobody knows the answer but ultimately, we decided that unless anything else happens and something changes, we will be heading off to Tunisia to have a lovely, relaxing holiday enjoying the pool, food and sunshine that the resort offers.

I hope that the country settles as they have done so well since Arab Spring.  I'm sure the Tunisians also hope that we support them as the world did France recently after the attacks there.


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