End of Easter break

It's been a lovely Easter break for us. First a holiday to enjoy abroad (of course the Easter bunny made it to Tunisia to deliver the girls an egg each) and then to come back to relatively nice weather in the UK.  Nice enough for the girls to take advantage of the garden.

The day after our holiday mainly consisted of me putting things into the washing machine, taking them out and putting them into the tumble dryer, taking them out and popping them into the airing cupboard. Interspersed with planting all my pots outside with geraniums. This spree was motivated by the fact that we have joined 'adopt a pot' at her school whereby parents get a plant pot (in our case she chose a bright pink one) and plant it with whatever we want, then tend it at school and bring it home in the summer months to take care of too.  This is a nice way for the school to have lots of flowers around to brighten up the play areas more. I like the idea but, of course, I had done nothing about it before we went away so it was a quick dash to Squires to get some earth and plants and away I went.  Not a bad distraction for a day.

The next day, Friday, the girls went round a friends for a play date and then we went to TGI Fridays for lunch to kind of finish off the week nicely.  J and I managed a whole rack of Jack Daniels ribs each and the girls had crispy chicken strips.  Very nice it was too.  All washed down with the most fabulous milkshakes.  I just needed a lay down (and to undo the button on my jeans!) when we finished.  

Saturday was a party for N - although I'm not sure why I bothered as she didn't really want to join in the play, with the exception of 5 minutes on the bouncy castle, and didn't want the party food so we even left before they sang happy birthday and not even a party bag to show for it - and then over to see the outlaws for a few hours.  Very pleasant.

Sunday mainly consisted of ironing all the things in my very full airing cupboard, while the girls played outside in the garden.  I also did a bit more DJing (ok, putting together a playlist) for our big party at the end of the year.  It was a lovely day just relaxing and fiddling about.

Today, I should officially be back at study/work but it's S's inset day so we've got some friends coming over at 11 and will be baking a few cakes before they do in a minute.  Tomorrow will be all systems go again and I'm glad that the Dadinator is off tomorrow as N is not back to school until next week but I have so much to do I'll need him to be the distractor *grin*

I hope you had a lovely break too.


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