House stuff

It was a busy weekend. I'm sure that the sun coming out has an effect on this household. Suddenly, we were spurred on to do all sorts of jobs around the house and think about changes we wanted to make.

Earlier this week (another sunny day) I headed off and bought some paint for the kitchen walls and also we are going to re-paint the garage and outside cupboard doors so I got some for that too.  I also ordered some Hozelock hoses for the front and back garden and had some curtains on order for the lounge and dining room.  Saturday arrived and we were at it!

Curtains up in lounge and dining room.  Pinned at the bottom as, typically, we have 87" drop not 90!  A friend is going to take them up properly for me save me hand stitching 4 90" curtains - phew.  Hubby put the wall mounted hose up at the front and the one at the back too.  Hose reels were now required to pull the hose through. Good old Amazon Prime came through with those (and at a lot less than Squires) and they arrived on Sunday, so he did those then.

Off we went to a nursery to pick up hanging baskets.  I also got a couple of new doormats in Wickes.  Hubby then decided to dig in the turf we had and we got one part of the garden sorted with that.  Spurred on, I decided that the Mexican Orange had to go and cut that down (it had a kind of blight anyway) and we borrowed the neighbours green bin as ours was full and filled that up too!  Next plan is to dig out the roots of said shrub and then pave over the area, giving us more space for the girls trampoline and play house.

Sunday, whilst hubby was in the garden doing more stuff, my friend and I blitzed the kitchen giving it a really deep clean ready for painting.  I even mopped the floor (yeah, I know, I am crap at such house-worky type stuff).

So, we are motoring along getting the house in order for this year. Next on the agenda - after the painting - is a new downstairs cloakroom suite.  How did all this start?  I wanted some new taps for the cloakroom!


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