Raffle away

I got a bit fed up the other day and decided to try and get some prizes for S's summer fayre in June.  Looking at the kind of thing N's school were getting (golf membership, villa holidays, gym membership, etc), I thought we must be able to do better than a local pub lunch (not that there's anything wrong with that of course).  So, I emailed a lot of people I know and they have been fantastic.

I've got a train ride on a miniature railway, mini-driving school lesson for children, someone to paint a wall mural in your house, a teepee designed to your own specification, wine vouchers from a vineyard, soft play entry, wine from a local supermarket, handmade bows and hairbands, pirate golf for a family, dance lessons and even some concert tickets.  I hope that the school are happy with all of these prizes and that the summer fayre is a great success.


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