Scholl Express Pedi - my Amazon review

I have suffered hard skin on my heels and round my big toes for years. My husband simply can't afford the number of beach holidays we would require for me to keep my feet nice and soft from walking on all that lovely, white sand. So, with heavy heart, I looked for another cure for my rotten old hard skin.

I read a lot of reviews on this Scholl Pedi Express but was a little concerned about people saying if they pressed hard with it, it stopped rotating. Would it be enough to cure my beach-free feet? It arrived yesterday and I got straight to it whilst looking at a brochure of the Maldives to get me feeling a little less sad. It's fantastic. For the first time I can have my fitflops on without heels that look like crazy paving! I could put some pressure on around my big toe and nothing stopped working. Heavens - how fippin' hard were these people pushing? Simple on/off switch and two AA batteries so no problems there. Neat little cover over the top. I hear the rollers wear out and need replacing which is quite pricey but this as this is the best solution for my feet in years (tried files, egg things and pumice to no avail), I'm happy to buy new rollers as and when.

I even ended up covered in fine white sand..oh, wait, no...that's my skin...argh! I really would recommend this product to anyone who cannot afford 30 beach holidays a year ;-)


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