Trippy Hippy

Today I went to an area of our university called 'The Hub'. It's a place to eat, socialise and relax.  My friend wanted a 'Bubble Tea' - don't ask - and I fancied a Starbucks so we headed into The Hub and downstairs to the area called 'Imagine'.  Oh boy do you need your sunglasses to be in this place.  It looks like an explosion in a paint factory crossed with everything 60s and 70s bad taste - I love it!

Here's me swinging from the ceiling (no, not like that) in a great chair straight out of an Austin Powers movie - groovy baby, yeah!  There are two of these mad things.  My friend had the other one.  We had been gently swinging away when we read the sign on the wall "One person per chair. Do not swing the chairs".  Swinging chairs you can't sssssccchhhhwing?  No, surely not.  We were only swinging gently anyway, hardly like crazy adult playground stuff.

Get that wallpaper?  Next to this is a chair that almost completely surrounds you - like being in a weaver bird's nest.  Some odd looking designer chairs that, well, look like you kind of lay down and rock in them.  Lots of bean bags, sofas with colours that DFS would shudder to sell and multicoloured tables and chairs.

The more I think of it, the more I've decided it was designed by someone on a very heavy acid trip!  All it's missing is pear drops.  I'll say no more.  Anyway, I still love it.

Here's a snippet from a 360 tour on the campus website. Get the drift?  Promise next time I'm in there, I'll get photos to show you.


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