Tunisian Geocache

Got my first (and probably last) geocache in Tunisia when we were on holiday there last week.  Before going on holiday, naturally I had a quick peep to see if any geocaches were local.  Hooray, quite a few were. On investigating further, it seems some are being logged even after reviewers were putting them as disabled. I didn't want to do that as it just doesn't seem right so I wanted to find a 'proper' one not too far away.

Villa Sebastian at Hammamet seemed ideal. The cache had been muggled a few times so now it was sending the answer to the cache owner relating to a statue in the grounds.  A good excuse for a few hours out of the hotel too.

We arrived by taxi and arranged for them to pick us up about an hour later.  Paid our 5DT to get in plus an additional 1DT for a drink at the villa itself and walked on up the path.  The villa was quite quirky.  It seems a little run down now and dated but then I had to remind myself it was built in the 1920s and was the height of luxury at that time.  It had been used by many artists to paint and design in peace and quiet.  It was also used by Churchill when he was writing his memoirs and by Rommel too (although clearly not at the same time!) so the curator told us.  Yes, there was a curator who showed us around and also took us to Sebastian's private quarters upstairs and then said we needed to pay him for his services.  Not sure that would catch on at our museums and places of interest. Fortunately I had 2DT (about 70p) on me so I gave him that!

We walked round the path and found the geocache, noting down the details to send to the CO.  Yay! A Tunisian geocache for me and a nice visit for my personal TB.

We had a walk around the gardens and through the citrus trees and then back to the house for a quick lemonade made with real lemons from the garden before heading back to the taxis.


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