Tunisian Holiday

We have just come back from our first holiday in 3 years. We decided to try Tunisia as we had never been there. Of course we were a little worried after the recent events (see this post) but we went ahead anyway and glad we did.

The people are very friendly.  Odd to see armed police on the streets but strangely comforting too.  I enjoyed bartering at the medina and shops, and walking around the resort. I call it a 'resort' but it is a little more limited than perhaps we are used to in Europe. Great to see that cultural difference though.

I did a review on TripAdvisor about the hotel and you can read all about it here.  Here are a few pictures from our time there.

View from our room to the Marina

The pool area

Pirate ships...arrrr

Belly dancer

The Pool

Moon in the afternoon

J and I

Walls of the Medina at Hammamet

Blue mermaids at Hammamet


The beach

Fun at the edge of the pool (it was freezing!)

Palm and blue sky

Hannabal at the entrance to the local medina

Girls at Villa Sebastian

Villa Sebastian architecture

Wild tortoise walking down the pavement

Lobby of the hotel

J doing well at archery

Bird of Paradise flower

One of the animation team with S's hedgehog toy


S, J and N - 3 sisters and lights of my life!


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