Beat the school rush

I know I may be a bit early in my thinking but I've decided to buy some school clothes for N and S already.  You see N is starting 'big school' in September. Oh my goodness...where has the time gone?

I remember the run around before S started. In the early August, I thought I'd go and get some uniform and PE kit for her. I was shocked at how hard it was to find age 5 uniform items!  Seems everyone had the same idea as me and had cleared the shelves in most stores that stock it. I finally found some jogging tops and bottoms in M&S and blue polo shirts.  Skirts were hard to find.  I ended up with Sainsburys ones whilst I ordered proper ones from M&S.

This time, I decided to 'plan ahead' - seriously ahead!  I have already got most of N's school uniform.  In fact the only thing I don't have is said blue polo shirt but as that's worn once a week for PE, she can have S's old ones and I've bought some new ones for S instead.  I'm off next month to pick up some new school cardigans for S as the local school supplier has a sale on. May as well take advantage of 10% off hadn't it.  As for the rest of N's uniform, most is new (well, she can't start at a new school in *all* of her sister's old uniform can she) and the rest is hand-me-down from S.  I've even ordered black, thick tights.  Yes, I know, sounds bonkers but again, they were so hard to find in age 5 before.

As I said, I still can't believe my littlest is starting school. My eldest, on the other hand, will be starting 6th form in September.  I think I'm entitled to a little 'eeek' over that.


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