Boots Minor Ailments Scheme - Only for Scotland, Northern Ireland some some Northern England Boots?

I'm thoroughly confused.  I've seen the post. I'm sure you've seen the post too but what does it all mean?  It seems that Boots The Chemist offer a 'minor ailments scheme' giving those people who do not have to pay for prescriptions, all sorts of other lotions and potions for free.

Here's the link to the Boots website page - NHS Minor Ailments

Fantastic news I hear you say. Yes, it includes children.  Whoopie - no more buying Calpol for a poorly child with a temperature - I can get it for free. I'm delighted.

But there's a catch....not a single Boots store around me does it. I've phoned over 20 stores getting further and further out and I can't find a single one to help me.  It seems that the problem is where I live.  I'm in Surrey.  As you know, we all have polo ponies and Ferrari's around here.  Yeah, right.

Apparently the local Boots stores have been inundated with people now asking for this service and where do they sign up. Nowhere it seems if you live in the South of England.

I have a friend who lives in Scotland who has used it and one who used it in Winchester (as close to me as I can find who does it).  Other than that, nada.

So, I would now like to know EXACTLY where gets this service if I'm not in Scotland or Northern Ireland (or Winchester).  Boots are incredibly reluctant to say so on their website.  So, come on Boots, where can I find and sign up to this around the Surrey area?  I've tweeted to ask so I'm hoping they will reply.

I would love to hear from readers as to where you have found a Boots that operates this scheme so let's get a list compiled of where they are shall we?  I'm sure us parents of young children and babies would love some free Sudocrem or Nurofen to help our ailing purses!


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