Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Yesterday (23rd May) J and I went to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at Wembley Arena. We chose the 3pm performance when we booked which was great.  I also booked parking in advance which is so easy at Wembley.  Traffic was a bit of a nightmare but we arrived and parked as the doors opened.  Off into the Arena to pick up some over priced drinks and a t-shirt for J and we went to take our seats. We were right at the very back (literally backs against the arena wall) and looking straight at the stage almost.  Great view but not too great for photos with the camera unfortunately - I'd have needed a long lens from back there.

I flagged down an ice cream seller - much to J's amusement - and we ate some delicious little tubs just before it all started.

Opening music was "The Good Man?" theme of the Twelfth Doctor and was an excellent opening. Here's my video of it YouTube

The orchestra and solo singer were amazing, as were the choir.

Naturally lots of different monsters appeared but they only circulated around the more expensive floor seating, more's the pity.

A quick 20 minute break giving us time to grab another ice cream and some amazing popcorn and we were off for the second half.

The encore was magnificent and I bet those that left early to beat the traffic were gutted. Final musical piece was the theme tune to Doctor Who through the years reimagined by Murray Gold.  Here's my video of it YouTube.

We left with the crowd and literally just drove straight out of the car park - no queuing at all.  An amazing event. If you're yet to see it, you'll love it!


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