Election Time - Vote Sith, get Muppet?

I have little to say. I'm not inspired.  I've been pleased that the Tories have managed to cut the deficit we had when Labour left (with Gordon Brown selling our gold reserves for almost nothing as a final middle finger to this country) but nothing much else has been good.  A coalition government is not a government. How can anyone do anything when one hand is always tied behind your back (and having its fingernails extracted with a pair of pliers!).  The LibDems are nothing.  Why they have even bothered to run is beyond me.  UKIP - some bizarre policies but I kind of like Farage.  I liked Screaming Lord Such too though so don't read too much into that statement.

I'd vote for him...
I hope, whatever happens, there is a majority.  The thought of another coalition worries me. The thought of a coalition between Labour and SNP fills me with the kind of dread that the White Walkers breaking through the wall would.  I think I'd rather be 'blue eyed' than have anyone in Scotland tell me what I can do and what taxes I should pay.  I'll stop at this point or I will begin a hefty rant.

...but I'm worried we'll end with him!
I've voted.  I think it was more of a protest vote.  I did want to vote Sith but no-one was on my polling card with that option. I fear I may just end up with a muppet!


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