Knotty Green Geocaching

Yes, it's that time again.  Time to meet the bestie - G - chat, put the world to rights and, of course, geocache!  We parked up by Knotty Green - Green Box and had an immediate find, although I was the wrong side of the fence (me being on the wrong side will feature quite a bit on our caching adventure today).  Off we go across the fields to the next one, reminding ourselves not to chat too much this time and actually look at the GPS instead of walking right past everything as is our norm.

G and I - A lovely walk
KG - Whipass Bottom was next and hubby phoned just after we'd found the cache to tell me how well he was getting on with the patio in the garden. A quick facetime call with the girls who said hi to the bestie and we signed the log.  Why on earth do people hang poo bags on trees?  Do they think some poor fool will come along and collect them? If you've collected the poo and bagged it, why not dispose of it at home or in a dog poo bin instead of leaving it hanging from shubbery? Some people!

Away we went across the field to KG - Peggs Wood.  We spent way too long here trying to find the cache and eventually, after about 20 minutes of being prickled and glad we'd worn long trousers to avoid being stung too, we gave up and logged a DNF.

KG - Just a Tree was a nice easy find but again we were glad of long trousers, socks and boots to be able to trample the pricklers.

KG - A Little Challenge was just that - trying to squeeze our names onto the logbook that was. It was full but I just managed to squeeze MC onto it for Team Madcats which we used when logs were full up instead of both signing. No spare logs today due to change from handbag to rucksack so couldn't help here.

KG - The Grange was next and was a quick find for us both.  KG - The Grange Again was one that gave us both a few prickles. I was on the wrong side at first but we both soon spotted it.  Trouble is, there are suspects both sides and we all know what GPS is like around trees (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

KG - A Nice Tree had a good view over the valleys and we took a TB from here to help it on its journey.  As I'm off with hubby for some more caching in the next few weeks, we decided I'd keep it.

KG - Stump was next. I had to climb over the tree because this time we were both on the wrong side.  I'm a bit achy today so getting my leg over was hard work (not like that!).  G said that if I didn't make it back, she would leave food and water whilst she goes for help.  Fortunately, I made it but I'm feeling distinctly knackered at the moment. I definitely need more exercise.  At this point we spotted this lovely bluebell wood.

We were going to turn right here and hoover up a few more of the KG caches but having started our way down the path, there had been so much tree felling and the caterpillar tracks were so muddy and hard going, we decided not to bother, so turned round and headed back the way we originally planned.  Had the going not been so tough, we'd have definitely gone for it so we'll have to come back and pick these up some other time.

KG - Great Luckings was next on our hit list.  We had a bit of a search here and then suddenly I saw a pile of rock-o-flague and knew where it was.  Handy that.  KG - Great Beard's Wood had more rock-o-flague but it still took a while for us to find the right location before making the spot.  GPS bouncing around a bit under the trees.  Pathway muddy and bloody hard going with all the ruts.  Hoping this bit doesn't last too long.

KG - Inside Beard's Wood was a DNF for us as it seemed the hiding place had been felled and the same applied to KG - In Plain View which was anything but. The view was very plain. Very, very tree in fact.  KG - Marrod's Bottom was an easy spot and we were glad to be leaving the rutty path. My feet were aching and even G in her walking boots was finding it a bit of a hard trek. No joggers around here (unsurprisingly) although we'd seen plenty through the fields.

KG - Stoned was tiring. Despite nattering away as we went, we were both slowing down both verbally and in speed by the time we reached the top of the hill.  #600 was next for G and would be the point we stopped for a short breather.

KG - Polish was #600 for G. Quite a milestone.  We did wonder if it was Polish or polish.  It was polish (did you follow that?)  The cache was a quick find.  We sat down and celebrated with Pom Bears, grapes and mini gingerbread men, washed down with Vimto cordial and fizzy water. Rock 'n' roll huh?  We seem to have left quite the impression here as you can see *grin*

KG - Fallen was exactly where we first looked but we didn't look hard enough. After some wandering about we triangulated our two phones and came back to where we had started and there it was!  In the distance we could hear an ice cream van.  Now we want ice cream!  KG - Sandal's Wood Stub was a quick find.  The woodland ice cream van was luring us in but where was it?  Would it come any closer?

KG - Netherlands nearly had us 'stumped'. No idea what the clue was about as don't recall anything here to suggest clogs or tulips...or have I got that wrong?  Anyway, we found it quite quickly having realised we'd walked past it.  The trees were creaking and it seemed so were we.

KG - Copperfields we didn't bother with as there had been plenty of DNFs here so we had a cursory glance when the GPS said we were at GZ but nought, so we just walked on to KG - Ledborough which was a quick spot by G whilst I looked at the wrong side having apparently gone deaf when she read the clue.

Our final for the day was KG - Assheton Road where we happily fumbled around trying to find a magnetic cache on a wooden fence - DOH! - then re-read the clue, retraced our steps and laid hands on...prickles...then the cache.

This was a lovely circuit with some gorgeous scenery and plenty of good sized cache containers for swaps. All a bit damp but that's the great British weather for you.

To finish our day we headed off to The Royal Standard of England to have a drink and I had that elusive ice cream (we never did find the ice cream van).  The barman liked my t-shirt and we chatted a bit about Steampunk which was nice and G had been there before dancing with her Morris group which was fab so he asked about that too.  We sat outside in the sunshine and enjoyed our drinks.  Both needing to visit the ladies prior to leaving and driving home we went to get up. I'm sure the people in the garden wondered what was wrong with us as we both groaned and made 'old lady' noises trying to get out of our seats then half limped, half staggered across the garden into the pub.  I really must get some cod liver oil capsules!  We had walked for 4 1/2 hours though so getting started again after stopping wasn't easy.  If it's any consolation, I creaked out of the car when I got home too.  I need a bath...


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