Pirbright Camp Caching

Girls at school and hubby off today so we decided to have some grown up time. What better to do when we are alone...geocaching!

We headed up to just past Brookwood, near the Pirbright border and parked up by the Basingstoke Canal.  This is just near to the main military camp and we could hear the gun fire from the ranges as we started to walk along.

Me logging lunch
Our first cache was Lunch which immediately made me feel hungry but it was only 10am so not really time to eat the sarnies I'd brought.  A bit of a rummage and when hubby was up a bank, he suddenly noticed the stick-o-flague and we then made the find. I dropped off a TB here too.

Second cache was a bit more of a walk away and was Barge Trip from Hell. I could see why as we approached.  No amount of bailing would help that!  The cache was a tricky little devil. This was mostly because hubby had on shorts and trainers and I had on jeans and FitFlops. Neither combination was ideal to deal with nettles. He got stung on the leg almost immediately so headed off to find a 'geostick' whilst I gingerly looked around, getting stung on the toe in the process.  He came back with half a tree and set to the nettles, finally spotting the cache.  We signed the log and he put it back, trying his best to cover over the beaten geopath we had now left there. This is one for Winter only that's for sure!  The sound of drums going and someone shouting reminded me of 'marching up and down the square' (for any other Python fans out there).

Lock Keeper's Cottage was next and we decided to stop here and have our sandwiches and a drink. It was nice to set on the lock gate arms and just listen to bird song.  Once we'd eaten, we headed off up the road and found the next cache.  It was an easy find but I didn't even open the log bag as it was saturated and rotting.  I photographed it as you can see.  Maintenance log on that one.

Not sure which way to go here.  I suggested the path by the lock keeper's cottage itself but hubby said no, along the road.  He has the instincts of a blind and deaf homing pigeon but I still went the way he suggested. As we got to what seemed to be military training grounds, the GPS swung round into the trees and up we went (well, I sent hubby first and then he spotted the path I had suggested). We found Fill 'er Up quite quickly and then walked off to our next and final one for the day.

Diversion was where the GPS jumped around. Hubby went down to search and poked around every hint object with his geostick. I did the womanly thing of directing from above.  When he said he couldn't find anything and had spotted the road opposite again, I ventured down and found the cache in seconds. Not that I'm competitive or anything like that...oh no.

A nice walk out. It had taken us 2 hours to get to this bit with searching and chatting and a couple of little stop offs to nibble the food and it was a nice 45 minute walk back to the car and home.


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