Skin Picking...good or bad?

I love face masks. Not the ones that give you that sauna feel or mud look, but those ones that dry on your face and you peel them off. Yes, those. The ones that feel like you're picking off a huge swathe of skin. Am I odd?

I don't know what it is about that whole skin picking sensation. I love it.  My poor hubby found out just how much on our honeymoon when he got a bit burned and peeled.  Ahh....peel.  I could literally sit for hours picking off all the little flaky bits of skin on his back and shoulders.  He found it a bit gross but gave up in the end as I picked at him every time I sat with him or he walked past (not in public I hasten to add).  May as well sit down, grab a beer and let your monkey wife pick away!

I wondered yesterday, as I sat in the bath for about an hour picking off every tiny bit of the face mask I had put on - am I the only one like this? Do I have a few too many old primate cells whizzing about my person?  What is it about skin picking that is so delightful and relaxing to me.  Anyone?  Anyone...? Coo-eee...anyone there still?


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