Competitive birthday cakes for kids?

I'm seeing a new trend among parents - competitive birthday cakes.  What is going on?  I've just been told by someone I know at a school that suggestion my children enjoy a Sainsburys birthday cake is wrong! She says that once you have had a cake from a 'proper baker' everything else is "shit".  Nice.  Sadly for her, my children do not agree.  In fact, their favourite ever cake that I could make them for their birthdays is one from a mix!  Yes, Betty Crocker's Chocolate Fudge Cake is their ultimate birthday cake. Forget your jam sponge, give them fudge cake any time.

So I started to wonder.  Competitive parties seem to have gradually faded away I'm delighted to say.  Competitive party bags - well, where do I start?  So now it seems that the cake has to be so full of imagery and so heavily laden with icing, nothing else will do.  Gone is the pink fairy castle or Frozen doll cake.

So old hat now? (Pinterest)

Everyone's done it (Pinterest)
Now everyone wants a Lego cake!  Or do they?  Just doing a search for 'Lego cake' throws up hundreds of varients so the cake that trended is certainly not a first in this line.  Seems it has been done many times before in many different ways.

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So what next for your little one's birthday? How about a lifesize, and lifelike sleeping puppy to cut into on their birthday?

Found on Pinterest
Or perhaps you want to show your undying love for your wife on her birthday by having your heads on a plate - literally!  What a nice picture that will be for the family album.

How pretty...not! (Link)
The question also is, how much do these things cost?  Do people now look at a simply iced sponge cake with candles and think 'cheapskate'?  Worrying isn't it.  Having been called a 'meany' for not wanting to get involved with this doesn't bother me.  I know what my children like and if you don't like my cake, don't have any. Simples!


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