Lazy day...well, not really

It's been a funny old day so far. I had to pop to university to hand in some paperwork to prove my right to work in the UK. I would think being a UK citizen would be sufficient but clearly it's not any more. I have found a job at uni you see - yay me!  I'm very excited about it and hope to start soon (now the paperwork can be processsed).

I got home and sorted out getting my car into the bodyshop as it was hit last Wednesday in Bisley. Fortunately the company that owned the van have been very accommodating and they've settled the claim with me directly.  This was good for us both as they didn't have to pay their huge excess and I wasn't in danger of my old SAAB being written off by my insurance company.  The bumper has basically been knocked out of alignment but due to some metal ridging, I just can't get it back in.  The experts need to sort this one out.

I do love driving a SAAB. They are built like tanks and you certainly feel pretty safe in one when you see the way other, newer car makes crumble at the tiniest bump.

It's only when you start wearing your summer dresses that you suddenly realise you need a new bra isn't it.  Or is that just me?  My summer wear is a little more plunge than my winter wear so sadly my lovely new bras all popped out which isn't really ideal on the school run and nor did I want a pashmina around my shoulders in the sunshine.  So off to town to pick up a new plunge bra I went.  I'm pleased to say there was a lot of choice in Debenhams so I'm now a happy summer lady.

Our local radio station were in Woking playing some tunes and it gave me the opportunity to pick up a sticker.  You never know, I may even win £50 of fuel!

I also noticed that Woking now has two statues either side of the canal of cricketing brothers.  Quite nice they are too to look at as you cross the bridge.

I've arranged a family dental visit and am trying to change a hospital appointment. As you can see it's all go today!  This basically means that I actually feel like I've done nothing 'important' at all today and all the things I planned to do...well, I've given up on those.  Tomorrow will be a better day for proper stuff I'm sure.


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