No feedback on eBay?

What is going on?  Ebay is built on buyer and seller feedback but I'm seeing a new trend.  It seems that many sellers just aren't bothering to leave feedback for their buyers.  Some it seems have been regularly selling for years and yet the last feedback they've left their buyers was from over a year ago but still buyers are leaving feedback for these people. This irks me.

When I sell an item, I leave my buyers feedback immediately.  After all, they have made a purchase from me and paid promptly. Why should I withhold feedback from these people?  So, to me it is simple. You have bought. You have paid. You shall receive feedback (a bit Knight's Tale there huh?).

However, as a buyer it's a different story completely.  It seems I need to (a) leave feedback before I receive it or (b) not get any feedback from a lazy-arse seller even if I have left them some.

I have therefore made a decision.  If feedback is so bloody important to sellers, then leave me, your buyer, feedback as soon as you can after I've paid.  That way I will happily give you feedback. No feedback from you, no feedback from me - unless it's negative as I'll happily give you that if you've tried to rip me off or sent me shoddy goods!


  1. I'm glad it's not just me that's noticed this. I've also only been receiving feedback as a buyer from probably 50% of sellers of late.


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