RIB...it with Seadogz

No, it's not a frog thing, it was hubby's Christmas present from the girls.  A ride in a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) for an hour in Southampton with Seadogz.

Picture from Seadogz website
We arrived and hubby met the crew of the RIB whilst I got the girls and I some drinks.  We relaxed for a while before he set off for his safety briefing and got his life vest.  I watched him disappear but for some reason (possibly due to the amount of toilet breaks the girls needed) I didn't get to see him go out.

Ready to go
He said it was a fantastic experience. Once they had cleared the marina, the pilot put "Who let the dogs out" on the audio system and opened it up. Apparently they spent more time out of the water than on it!  He loved every minute and said it gave his legs a good work out too as you're kind of bouncing on your legs and leaning like you do on a motorbike as the boat is moving.

Great crew he told me and lots of interesting facts as they went along, overtaking just about everything out there.  The crew also took quite a few pictures which they upload to Flickr and visitors are free to download their pictures.  Isn't that fantastic?!

Hubby is furthest away, on left

The girls and I had gone to try and find a geocache (unsuccessfully) when S spotted him coming back in again.

A fantastic day out for him. He said I'd love it too.  Recommend Seadogz and have done a review for them on TripAdvisor which you can find here.

All the photos above are from the Flickr page of Seadogz - thank you for putting them up for us.


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