Bouncing at Longacres

Today N went over to Longacres Garden Centre to have a lesson from professional, world champion trampoliner, Amanda Parker. We applied for a place and were lucky enough to be offered one.  Amanda was promoting some lovely springless trampolines and gave us a demo before teaching the children some moves.  There were only 6 children per group and it was rather disappointing to see these prize places taken up by people who simply didn't bother to come along, even though we were all told there was a waiting list.  

Before the lesson though, she had a quick jump for a few minutes and then we had a look around this fab garden centre. Fatal!  I now have this gorgeous seahorse (the thing I collect) on my toilet wall (aka the seahorse room), some wellies for N, a wind chime, some hay and two garden spinning things for the girls - I'm sure you're just nodding now slightly baffled. It was close as I could also have ended up with a cardigan, summer evening scarf, some rattan furniture and a jacuzzi!  Once my goods were in the car, we decided to have a quick drink and share a piece of (the most yummy) cake before it was her official turn.
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Amanda showed the children some moves which were very impressive - we all liked the kind of cartwheel somersault holding your knees (which I am sure is called something far more impressive in the trampolining world).  After Amanda's display was done, N got onto her trampoline and Amanda started the lesson. She paid each one attention helping them master their moves.  N was smiling throughout.  The lovely ladies in the office brought out some cups of water at the midway point (bad me had forgotten ours) which was very much appreciated by N.  At the end, she got her photo taken with Amanda and wore her amazing medals (which she said were heavy) and also got a personalised, autographed picture.
Thank you Longacres for organising this. We would love one of these trampolines but sadly there are a tad out of our price range.  A great little treat for N though.


  1. Great blog! We were there for this but not officially booked in. I had no idea they did that but my son had a brilliant time. If only we could afford one of these trampolines LOL


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