Collecting pine cones at Wisley

School finished at 1pm yesterday so we headed to Wisley with my friend and her granddaughter to have a nice walk around and an ice cream.  Surprised to see the ice cream stand closed at the front before we went in as we all really fancied one (a sale missed there!).  Headed off and starting looking at some of the Alice stuff again. The girls loved this wobbly mirror in the hedge and Absolom out of shrubbery.

Went towards the glasshouse in search of the elusive ice cream. None there either!  Doubled back to main restaurant area and was met with nothing again.  Come on Wisley - it's 23C, schools out and not and ice cream on sale anywhere. We felt somewhat let down this time.  Finally had to go into the cafe and pick up a tub and a couple of lollies.  Sat in the shade and enjoyed those.

Decided to head into the Pinetum as I was after collecting some more large pine cones with the girls for our bug barn.  We had a lovely walk around there with the girls finding trees to hide under and climb on the lower branches of.  Finally we found the big pine cones.  Sadly I'd forgotten my carrier bag so we stuffed as many as we could into our respective handbags!  Heaven knows what passing visitors made of us.

Headed back as girls getting tired as we'd been walking for 2 hours at this point. Suddenly saw a dog running around and were dumbstruck!  Surely they hadn't relaxed the rules on dogs in Wisley?  We realised it was with a disabled lady but still was somewhat shocked to see it off a lead and just racing around.  We both have children with us who do not like dogs - one of the great things about Wisley and other RHS gardens - so to see this was not good.  Don't get me wrong and I may sound like a right meanie here but although I have every admiration for assistance dogs, I don't expect them to be racing around the gardens, and have tweeted the same to Wisley directly.  

That aside, we enjoyed our walk but were glad to get home and relax again in the garden as S wore her Crocs and seemed to spend more time hanging on to me or a tree shaking stuff out of them than walking!


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