Counting down the hours

S had to go into school this week. I know all schools are different but I did really wonder what benefit these 1 1/2 days were, especially when a text came through yesterday asking for parents to bring in board games for the children to play this morning.  Personally, I'd have preferred not to send her in today and had a full day wandering around Wisley perhaps but that's the way it goes.  She finishes at 1pm so N and I are counting down the hours now.  N clearly wants her playmate around.

I'm really looking forward to the school holidays. I know lots of people get anxious about them but not me. I'm going to enjoy every moment of these 6 weeks before N starts 'big school' too and I'll have no little friends for company in the daytime any more.  Poor mummy (not that I'm lacking in things to do you understand).
I have lots of fun things planned from days out to days relaxing and having a BBQ or three.  We've got play dates with friends planned too, along with lazy days doing nothing and going nowhere.  Exactly as it should be. I've just ordered J a 16-25 Railcard so that she can get her 1/3 discount on rail travel now.  I didn't think about this before but it's definitely worthwhile. With just about 4 uses per year and it's paid for itself.  We go up to Camden Market together at least a couple of times per year and down to Portsmouth too at least twice so it's easily going to begin to save money, and that's before all the days out she has with friends too. 

I hope everyone with children has a lovely summer.  Will be posting about our days out here so look forward to reading other bloggers posts about their days out too. Hopefully we can all find great places to go.


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