Just a little bit more

Because I decided I'm not busy enough....clearly.  I recently applied for, and I'm delighted to say got, a part-time job at university.  This is really exciting for me as it's great to be in a 'workplace' again mixing with other people (heaven knows a PhD can be a lonely business) but also because I am now *officially* a member of university staff.  I love having a staff email account and, naturally, have also applied for a staff parking permit (well, it would be rude not to wouldn't it).

Just to recap in case anyone ever asks "What did you get up to today?", this will be my response:

I am mum to 3 beautiful girls (which also makes me a qualified referee)
I am a full-time PhD student
I am a part-time member of the university staff
I am an independent recruitment consultant
I am a tutor in schools within low participation areas

So don't knock it if you see me with my feet up, relaxing in the garden. It won't happen too much.


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