Planting tea bags in the garden

Don't worry, I haven't finally lost my remaining marbles.  We're helping a fellow PhD-er with a project called The Tea Bag Index UK.  The idea is to bury some teabags for 3 months to measure decomposition rates in different types of soils.  Something that would be of interest to gardeners everywhere.  Our teabags arrived yesterday and today the girls helped to plant them in our garden.
N planting the Blue tea bags
We choose 3 different areas. One under/near some grass that wasn't growing too well (I see turf in our future), another in a flower bed, and the third around an area of our garden that seems to be just moss and clover (maybe more turf?).
S planting the red tea bags
The girls thought we were planting tea bags to grow tea trees. A fair assumption by small people who don't drink tea!  I did explain why we were doing it but they were more interested in finding great places to plant the tea bags and arguing over who was going to bury which colour pair.  N had blue, S had red and I had yellow (with their help of course).
So many weeds/clover/moss
I am fairly confident two of the markers will last but a little less so about the third which is near their swings and bug barn but we'll see.  Will let you know when we get our results at the end of the year.


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