School Sports Day

I hate school sports days. I hated them when I was at school and I'm still not that fond of them. However, I'm delighted that my girls haven't inherited my hatred of the event and are happy to bumble along doing their thing.
Today was sports day at S's school. We had a picnic with our children first before they headed off for registration and then to come out and start.  I was queuing up at the ice-cream van (a fabulous idea!) and was just about at the front when the whistle blew for registration which meant S couldn't wait and get her ice cream. She was disappointed.  I bought one anyway and one of her TAs kindly took it into class for her - yay!

As usual, lots of races and very few that you're really interested in. I think splitting it into KS1 and KS2 would be more interesting. Perhaps one in the morning and one in the afternoon?  That's just me being selfish though as I don't want to sit through what feels like hundreds of races featuring children I don't know just to get to that one line when my child is in it.  Very unsporting of me.  I also wanted to leave the minute all my daughter's races had finished but it seems we had to wait until years 3, 4, 5 and 6 had finished all their extra races too.  At least it wasn't scorching hot this year.

S is not a sporty girl. She did her best and happily walked the egg and spoon, and tried her hardest to run the main sprint.  N, in the toddlers race, came a stonking 2nd which she was delighted with and gave her points to S's blue team (of course).  
One thing I found a bit sad was the results.  Yellow came last, Red in third place and then the result for 1st...won by Green. Every team got a clap *except* blue (yes, S's team). I thought that was a bit rotten even if they could have said "2nd place blue".  Kids want recognition and it felt like it was snatched away from the blue team and I felt for them. No-one gave them a clap for their efforts and well deserved 2nd place.
Like I said, I hate sports days.


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