Shut up when I'm talking to you

A great lyric in a Linkin Park song. However, I was doing a little shopping around Sainsburys today and couldn't avoid a woman with two very young children in a trolley walking around.  The slightly older of the children, a young girl, was asking for something in a quiet little voice and all that I heard was this awful woman, at the top of her voice scream "shut up" to her, and just carried on pushing the trolley. The little boy looked like he'd pass out if you said hello to him.  The little girl quietly asked something again and the woman, again shouted at her "Just shut up".  
Now I appreciate that children can be a bit of a nuisance when you're shopping and 'pester power' is something supermarkets along with other shops, play on with the goodies by the tills and we've all been asked the same thing by our children umpteen times BUT I don't think I've ever told my children to 'shut up' (actually I did once, but I seriously regretted it).  There is something about saying 'shut up' to a child that is...well, plain bloody rude!
Can you imagine how you would feel if you heard your child's teacher saying "shut up" to them or the class?  You'd be mortified.  Imagine your child saying it to you or another adult. I'd want the ground to open up and swallow me if one of mine did that.  So I couldn't think why this horrible woman couldn't think of any other way of putting it.  
Zip it.
Stop now.
Be quiet.  
They all sound fine don't they.  After all, aren't we as parents, teaching our children how to behave?


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