Speech Day

N's school hold a Speech Day at the end of the summer term.  This is the day to say goodbye to Year 6 and to hand out cups, awards, trophies and certificates to girls from every year of the school.  Sounds fun doesn't it.  It's not.  Sadly, as these things go, it is a long time sitting on rather uncomfortable seats waiting for your daughter to be presented with whatever it may be and then just endless clapping other girls you don't know or, quite frankly, give much of a fig about.

I'm sure it's very exciting for Year 6 parents as their daughters traipse up and down repeatedly picking up this award and that cup, but for the rest of us, it's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Being presented with her bear
Of course, the most exciting bit today was seeing N pick up her school teddy bear.  Poor S and I had to sit in a marquee for 2 1/2 hours to see this little moment.

Proud little lady
S was brilliant and so patient, only asking for the last hour how much longer it would be. I, however, was contemplating pretending to faint/be pregnant/have a panic attack...pretty much anything to get out of that marquee and the heat.  Fortunately I braved it out so as not to be outdone by my 6 year old who was being so good, quiet and still. My bum was numb at the end of it.  Who designs these chairs?

Once it was all over, there are nice nibbles, tea, drinks, etc afterwards for another hour.  We did think about stopping but then by the time I'd picked up N from her classroom and given the hall a passing glance and seen the queues for things, I decided quickly that home was the best option now.  Away we went (as did many other parents immediately the speech part ended) and enjoyed the rest of the day in the garden, with the girls splashing about in their paddling pool.  Both very happy with their teddies.


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