The baking cakes phase of life

We had a lovely walk this morning around RHS Wisley and then decided, when we got home, to do a little baking. My baking mostly consists of a kind of Victoria sponge from a receipe that my mum told me (and, amazingly, I have always remembered) or a variation of the same putting the mixture into fairy cake cases.  Always tasted nice but recently I have wanted to get a little more adventurous on the baking front. I blame this on my age. I must be entering 'the baking phase' of life.  I've even bought a book on it - 'Mary Berry's Baking Bible' (you can buy it through the Amazon link on the right).

Off I trotted to Waitrose to pick up the ingredients that I needed.  It would have been cheaper for me to buy out the cake counter, but where's the fun in that eh?
The girls were very excited about trying something new when I got in. We had opted for chocolate cookies and flapjacks.  First the cookies.  The girls loved melting the chocolate and butter over the heat - something I recall enjoying as a young girl when making chocolate cornflake cakes.  Clearly I held tightly to the saucepan handle as they stirred the mixture above the simmering water.   They thought this was very grown up.  Bit of patience for these as you have to let things cool in between so off they went to colour until it was time for the next bit.

That meant that J could kick off the flapjacks.  We could feel our arteries hardening just measuring out the ingredients but hey, you only live once right?  Got those in the oven pretty quickly and then turned our attention back to the cookie mix which was now cool enough to carry on working with.  Much stirring of flour into the gooey mixture by the girls (taking it in turns of course) and it was ready.  Spooned onto the baking sheet and put in as the flapjacks came out.

Note to self - buy a flapjack pan and do not use a baking sheet in future as said mixture spreads too far out, which in turn means a small part of it becomes too thin to lift properly and you have to eat all those bits that crumble away on the baking sheet whilst they are still warm...subsequently getting quite full and not wanting your dinner for hours now that you're full up *cough*

A couple of cooking sessions needed as there were a surprising amount of cookies.  They are wonderful - even if I do say so myself.  That bit of crunch on the outside and soft, moist mixture in the middle.  The giant chocolate buttons we put in set them off a treat.  I suspect we will be rolling around on the floor later unable to move due to a flapjack and cookie feast.  There *may* even be some left for hubby tomorrow!


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