The End

Today was the end of an era. For 4 years now I've taken both S and N to this school.  S had two lovely years in nursery there and N has too. Today it was my final 'school run' in the car.  We took in some presents for the teachers from N.  The parents had already bought a voucher each for them so this was just a little extra.  
N with her teachers
N with her teachers
I collected N at lunchtime with all of her things. It felt kind of sad removing her wellies, plimsolls and name tag from her peg. 
I know she is off to a new adventure and very excited about it.  She had her third induction at her new school today so she's had no time to feel sad herself.  Her biggest worry is not seeing her friend Emilia.  However, I'll do my best, for as long as she wants, to try and keep in touch and have her over or for her to go play. I'm sure they will both move on at some point but there's no rush is there.


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