The last few weeks

Is it me or is it beyond crazy the last few weeks of term?  I'm not sure why but it seems that schools do their ultimate cramming at this point.  Not just that, but also it's the winding down of any clubs and activities that children take part in.  Our family is being hit by the end-of-term madness and my phone calendar is full to the gills of events I need to attend and places and dates I need to get the girls to.
S's silk painting
I'm delighted to say that swimming is finished now so that's one less run-around per week I have. I love taking the girls swimming and happily do it all term long but there's something great about it finally being over and you just knowing you don't have to get out of the house at 3pm on a Friday over the summer.
Sports day at S's school was cancelled due to a forecast of rain (another forecasting fail as it turned out) so the reserve sports day has come into play - the same day as  the school disco. I would imagine that there will be some seriously tired children that evening.  For the year 6 leavers, there is also a BBQ so 3 events to attend in a day. I'm glad S is only year 1!
I'm sure the school will fit in another mufti day soon (what does 'mufti' stand for anyway?) just to get my final £1 off me before I go bankrupt over the summer holidays with the cost of getting into farms/adventure parks!


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