The Llama Park - It's got a nice playground

Yesterday the girls and I (hubby was working) headed off down to deepest, darkest East Sussex to visit The Llama Park.  I'd grabbed a 1/2 price voucher from Eagle Radio (great way to lessen the hit us parents have to endure during summer holidays) and as it had some great reviews on TripAdvisor so we were looking forward to it.  Let's face it, my girls do enjoy a good walk and seeing animals so it should be fun right?  Sadly, not really.

The M25 did it's usual thing of grinding to a total standstill for no reason at 10.30 in the morning, so it took us almost 2 hours to get there.  Nice empty car park when we arrived and in we headed to the shop and pay desk.  Showed our voucher, given some stickers and we were off.  First thing we saw was a super 'wooden' style assault course playground and a nice bouncy castle.  The girls wanted to go straight on but I suggested we have a look around first and then come back here to have our nibbles.  We did stop to see the peacocks and chickens first though and the girls thought the peacock displaying to a very disinterested chicken was really funny.

First shed had some alpaca in it with a great description of how alpaca differ from llama. I have now learned something new!  The girls weren't keen to stay here for any time as it was a bit on the smelly side.  Goats were next along with empty pig pens.  Where were the pigs?

We walked down the path towards the llama and more alpacas.  Most seemed pretty disinterested until another family brandishing a bag of food came past.  My girls had headed off to the reindeer as they really wanted to see those.  I didn't realise that reindeer click when they move/run.  Their splayed hooves kind of come together as they move and make this clicking noise.  You probably don't notice it on snow but in grass you can hear it quite plainly.  The reindeer were moulting which made the girls think they were quite scruffy until I explained why they looked so odd.

We got to the bottom of the hill and walked around a little piece of woodland and that's where we found the pigs. Seems they have a nice new outdoor area.  As we walked past, we realised the ones we had been looking at were only piglets still as the two huge adults came out of their sty and started snuffling about.

Back up the hill and across to the mountain sheep.  N wanted to see sheep you see.  She kept telling me that they are not proper sheep as they had horns so we had a little chat about how animals can look different depending what breed they are and where they live.  She seemed to accept this (and I sounded quite a knowledgeable mummy about such facts as another little girl heard me and then told her parents - hope I was right!).  That was it done. About 30 minutes and it was all over.  Not quite what I expected.

The playground was calling. The girls had a great time climbing around and going on the bouncy castle.  We stopped for our snack and a lolly in the cafe (very reasonably priced) and then headed back to the playground for another half an hour of play.  Swerving the shop and requests for toys/clothes/posters/books like a pro, we left to head back home on M-slow.  
Would I go again? No, I'm afraid not. It is probably more fun if you do the 'llama walk' but at £30 per person (yes, you heard me) it was way too much for our budget for a day. I was also disappointed that the donkey rides were £5 each as I felt that was pretty steep for a 2 minute walk around a paddock but fortunately our timing was such that they weren't running whilst we were there *evil grin*.


  1. The Llama Park is extremely good value for money. You failed to mention that there are lots of other animals there including the LLAMAS. The park is set in 33 acres of the Ashdown Forest and the donkey rides usually have to be booked in advance. A day out is what YOU make of it. Perhaps you were all in a decidedly bad mood due to being stuck in traffic for hours?

    1. I think you'll see I mentioned other animals but basically it's a 'Llama Park' - hence the name. There was very little to do there and no donkey rides that we spotted unless they were well hidden from the paying public (which I doubt). We were far from in a bad mood as we had 1/2 price tickets - which was what it was worth. Each to their own and glad you found it so thrilling. Not a place we'd return to unlike many others that we love as a family. I'm sure it has it's fans but sadly it's not for us.


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