Wisley Wonderland

It's not quite as bizarre as heading down the rabbit hole, but we saw signs of Wonderland all over RHS Wisley today during our walk.  There are some wonderful sculptures on loan to the garden (so say the plaques) for the whole of summer and so we headed off to see who we could find.
Strange mushrooms were growing and a white rabbit was worried he was late.
20150705_103046 20150705_103117
The garden suddenly seemed all calm and normal again so we carried on our walk, wondering if we'd find anyone else.
20150705_103244 20150705_103256 20150705_103354   20150705_103425 20150705_103412
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Look!  A dodo!  You don't see many of those and then who else did we spot but Alice. But what was she looking at?

 20150705_111110 20150705_111129 20150705_111139
The Cheshire Cat up a tree. It took us a moment to notice him just as some other garden visitors pointed him out.

 20150705_111515 20150705_111547
The Hare, Doormouse and Mad Hatter were still enjoying their tea party although my girls pointed out they seemed to have holes in their cups as their drinks were spilling everywhere.

Another white rabbit said goodbye to us as we headed off.  No Queen of Hearts or Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-Dee?  I'm sure they must be around somewhere. We'll find them next time.

Anyone for tennis on the way out?  A good sized court for the girls.  Shall we bring rackets next visit?

Of course, no visit to Wisley is complete without a gorgeous ice cream to finish off the day (with a flake naturally).  
There is a lot going on at RHS Wisley this summer so see the flyer for details. You can follow Wonderland trail and try out flamingo croquet on the lawn in the school summer holidays.  We are looking forward to our next Wonderland day.


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