Dressing up - Frozen Fever style

Although the Frozen Fever film was not the best, my two youngest girls did love the new dresses that Elsa and Anna wore in it.  You can feel the groans from parents everywhere when they find out their little girls no longer want the 'old' Frozen dresses but the new ones!  Disney will be on a roll again I suspect.  Fortunately for me, my desire to get something for less than full price came into play and I decided to look on eBay.

To my delight, a company were selling Frozen Fever dresses.  No, they are not Disney originals but they also don't come with the Disney price tag!  In fact, a mere £9.99 each with free P&P.  Sold!

The dresses arrived today and they are absolutely gorgeous.  The Anna one is for age 5-6 and comes with a zip up back and little waistcoat separately.  It's a perfect fit for N.

The Elsa one is age 7-8 and just goes over your head.  The shoulder straps are elasticated. It's a little big for S so I've had to pop a safety pin or two in it but at least she won't outgrow it in a few minutes.  It has a lovely, floaty cloak that's attached. 
Both dresses are very colourful and perfect for the fancy dress box.  I honestly don't think they look much different to the official ones.  I've just been asked for wigs to go with them so I suspect they will be the outfit of choice for a fancy dress party we have coming up.  


  1. Wow those dresses are lovely. I thought ebay stuff would be rubbish but im now going to see if i cna get one to.


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