Frozen Fever

I've just got a copy of Frozen Fever for my girls to watch as they loved Frozen (but to be fair it's now forgotten about in favour of Home or Big Hero 6).  The film comes with the new (and very good) version of Cinderella.  They really like this Disney short - and it is really short at 8 minutes from start to very end (watch the *very end* too for a tiny change).
Frozen Fever poster.jpg
The story is about how Elsa is trying to make it up to Anna for all the missed birthdays and plans this lovely surprise (with a nice song to go with it of course). However, things don't go as planned and despite the cold not bothering Elsa, it seems she can still catch one with funny results.
I thought I'd get in quick and added the dolls to their Amazon Wish Lists and ordered the dresses off eBay - half the price of the ones on Amazon. Let's face it, they'll wear them for a week and then they'll go into their dressing up box with all the other outfits.  The good thing is that they both love to dress up so I know the dresses will get some great wear and they'll have lots of fun with them.


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