GCSE results are finally in

I am delighted to say that the teen passed her GCSEs.  Phew.  She seemed fine about the wait but admitted to me yesterday that she hadn't slept at all the night before, felt physically sick in the morning waiting to head to her school for when they opened at 10am, and shook as she walked in and got her results.  In the end, it was good news for her. 
She is doing 3 A Levels, the ones she really wanted - Maths, Biology and Chemistry.  Smiles all round.

She's looking forward to going into Year 12 in September (and not wearing school uniform anymore), although the pressure is heaped on again as soon as she starts as all new A Level students have to sit a Biology and Chemistry test when they arrive to prove they are at the right level to proceed.  Really?  Have the GCSEs not told her school that already? I find this part seems wholly unnecessary but hey-ho, you have to go with the flow don't you.
It goes without saying that I am proud as any mum could be.  She's worked very hard, faced problems with being in a failing school, and put in a lot of effort having additional tutorials after school in quite a few lessons to help push her, and the other bright ones, along.  Hopefully she can now relax for the remainder of the school holidays and look forward to the next stage of her education with a smile.  


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