Hatchlands Park

Today we headed off to Hatchlands Park near Clandon in Surrey.  I have just joined the National Trust so we were eager to see what this is all about, especially as we seem to have quite a few NT properties near us.
The house was closed but there was a tent on the lawn ready for childrens' (paid) activities. We wanted to have a walk around and see what was here so headed off towards the wooded area. Lots of nice big tree stumps to play on and around and plenty of den building stuff about.

The girls liked the wizard walk area and then we headed off through another piece of woodland.  I spotted some children with scooters but no bikes so I'm not sure that this is a place we can cycle round.  May have to find another NT property for that.

I'm not sure the NT will be for us (judging by today) but we'll give it a go anyway this year and see how we get on.  It wasn't instant enjoyment like Wisley was.


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