JetLev Flyer - James Bond who?

My hubby was 50 back in January so I wanted to get him something special. He enjoys a bit of adrenalin-type stuff and has done bungee jumping, sky diving, etc so I was trying to think of something a bit different - then I stumbled upon it....JetLev Flying!  As close to James Bond as he's going to get I suspect so it seemed just the right thing.  I booked through 'Into the Blue' for him to have a solo JetLev experience with JetLev Flyer at Ride, Wyboston Lakes, near Cambridge.  Obviously, because it's cold in January, we headed off for him to take his flight today.

We left home in plenty of time and arrived 1 1/2 hours early to the lake.  Lots of parking there and very friendly staff on reception.  The lady kindly showed us the way across to where the JetLev's were and we sat down to watch other people having a go.  Looked like so much fun I was feeling a bit jealous of my present to hubby and rather fancied having a go myself!

When it was near his turn, hubby got his wetsuit on and waited.  The lady taking the photographs (which she uploads and you can keep for free - how nice is that?!) gave him a safety talk and instruction on how to operate the jetpack.  His turn came around and the jetpack was put on.  A jump into the lake and he was ready.

He got off to a great start and really enjoyed it.  The controls are very sensitive he told me and it's quite hard work but such fun.

Images courtesy of JetLev UK
I was hoping to get lots of lovely close-up photos of him on my phone as every other person had been not too far from the jetty but, naturally, he headed off over to the bloody island so was the furthest away I'd seen anyone fly!

He managed to get out of the water quite a bit and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  The chap on the jet bike suggested to him at the end that he head back to the jetty so I could get a few good snaps - thank you for that.

Couldn't recommend JetLev Flyer and the team enough.  We now want one of these but it's a toss up between that and a house deposit.  Hey, you can't fly a house right? ;-)  If you get a chance, go along, have fun, and feel like Bond for the day.  You won't regret it (I'm told).
Now, where's my birthday list....?


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